Unleash the RAW EMOTIONAL POWER of Music



Ignite Your Classical Music Journey 
Learn How to Listen
How to Follow the Music
How to Feel its Expression
All in 14 Pieces


Where Do You Start with Classical Music?

Here's the Truth - I didn't always love Classical Music.

I used to think it was Boring or Irrelevant...
I felt like I didn't understand it.
Like the music was difficult, confusing, or pointless. 
Like it was just something to help people relax, sleep, or study. 

I was so wrong.


I didn't realise that Classical Music can make you Feel To The Limit.

That it can be incredibly deep and profound.
That it's capable of expressing so much emotion...

I had tried listening to Classical Radio

Or looking up lists of the "top ten pieces of Classical Music", hoping that it would give me a gateway into the world of Classical Music

But it seemed like everything I found was either just a catchy tune, or something nice, peaceful, and relaxing. 

Was that all there was to Classical Music? Surely there was something more...

Absolutely there was!

Something changed - things clicked into place. 

I discovered a complete shift in the way I listened, and how I understood music.

The world of music suddenly opened up to me in technicolor. 

I felt emotions I had never felt before, experiences like nothing I had ever been through...

The sheer, raw power of music was unleashed.


This is what 14 Pieces is all about.


This isn't just about introducing you to 14 masterpieces of Classical Music (though it does do that)...

This is about teaching you the core principles of How to Listen. 

Each piece has been carefully chosen for its musical quality, but also to teach you a key concept of Classical Music.

Once you learn these key concepts, you'll begin to hear them EVERYWHERE. 



The First Section is called "HOW TO LISTEN"

You’ll learn how to listen in a different way.
How to actually feel what the music is expressing.
How to follow what the music is doing.
And how to find great recordings to help you on your journey.

The Second Section is the “14 PIECES”

Here, we’ll go in depth, looking at 14 masterpieces of Classical Music.
But we’ll not only be discovering music...
We’ll be learning core principles which can be applied to nearly all of Classical Music.

Then I've added in a BONUS SECTION.

"Becoming a Better Musician - The Next Steps"

These are actions that you can take, at whatever stage in your journey to become a better musician - even if you're a complete beginner.


What's Inside "14 Pieces"? 

- How to Listen "Actively"

- How to Follow Expression

- How to feel the Emotion of the Music

- How to Follow the Inner Workings of Music

- How to find a Great Recording

- 14 Masterpieces, each with their own In-Depth Walkthrough

- How to Approach Different Styles of Music

- Symphonies, Concertos, Sonatas, Ballets, Operas, etc. - Explained!

- How to become a better musician - Action Steps!

And More!

These concepts are all so important that I knew I couldn't keep them behind a paywall,

So I'm giving you complete access to the whole course for free. 

I just ask one thing in return:

That you take action - listen to this music with your whole heart, and if you truly enjoy the music, then share it with others. 

It's time to Get Started on your Classical Music Journey.

- Oscar, Inside the Score