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Hi - I’m Oscar,

Over the last few years years I’ve helped hundreds of musicians like yourself to reach their highest goals with music. 

I've taught music teachers, film and games composers, aspiring conductors, traditional composers, school and university students, and people who simply want to enhance their appreciation and understanding of music. 

My coaching is RESULTS ORIENTED. I focus on finding the most effective path to get students from where they are now, to where they want to be, in a way that incorporates a DEEP learning of core principles - principles which will take your music-making to the next level. 

I’m proud to say that in the last few months alone, I've helped students to write their first full sonata, analyse large-scale symphonies, build a stronger portfolio that gets them hired, and deepen their understanding of music history and analysis. I've helped younger students to attain places at world-class universities, and I've helped music teachers to reconnect with their passion for music. 

If you're ready to take action, I'm ready to help you take your musical skillset to the next level.


See What Students Have Been Saying 


"Working with Oscar was energizing and productive! He was able to see exactly what I needed and provide instruction that pushed me forward to achieve my goals. He enthusiastically brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in breaking down a piece of music: its history, structure, and harmony. In addition, he brilliantly makes connections between the "great works" of music over time to give you a broader sense of how things developed and were used by different composers. This is exactly the kind of approach we need to really enjoy and progress on any path in music - performer, composer, or teacher! Oscar is an up-and-coming musical mind that is bound to make an impact!"

Megan B - Music Teacher


"Let's say it would have taken me 100 trials of composition to get to a point where I can compose clear and coherently to deliver my musical ideas. Working with Oscar I made it somewhere around 8. The quality of feedback, encouragement, and assignments also made the process of each of those compositions more seamless and enjoyable as well. Definitely worth my money, effort and time because the last four weeks have been pivotal in my evolution as a composer, a musician, and a listener."

Parsa N - Composer

Helping You to Achieve YOUR Goals

As I said, my coaching sessions are results oriented.

That means they're tailored towards your goals.

Whether you’re looking to...

  • Polish up your Music History or Analysis Skills
  • Compose your next (or first!) Classical Composition
  • Build your Portfolio or Skillset for Films, TV, or Game Music
  • Enhance and Deepen your appreciation of Classical Music

I can help you to build a strategic gameplan that will help you to reach your goals – a Roadmap to take you from where you are now, to where you want to be, with an ultra-clear action plan. 

No matter what your needs, or where you are on your path, I want to help you to grow and achieve your musical goals. 


What Can You Get From A One-on-One Session with Me?

If you’re interested in improving your…

  • Traditional Composing
  • Film and TV Composing
  • Music Analysis
  • Music History
  • University Applications or School Work
  • Music Appreciation

 … I can definitely help! I’ve helped dozens of students to write music more effectively, whether they’re beginners or more advanced. I’ve helped TV composers to build stronger portfolios and find more work. I’ve helped students to attain places at universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, and Yale. I’ve helped teachers gain a stronger understanding of the inner workings of classical music. And I’ve helped many to develop a stronger love, and a greater appreciation for Classical and Art music.

But Who Am I?

 I’m a graduate of both Cambridge and Yale Universities, I’ve had my music played on major networks including ITV, and Yahoo News, and over the last six years I’ve held the position of musical director for six orchestral and choral ensembles across England and the United States,. And of course, my YouTube channel, Inside the Score, produces educational videos on music which have been watched over 7,000,000 times.

I’ve experienced high-level music making first-hand, and I want to share my insights and experience with you.

See What More Students Have Been Saying


"The journey of a composer obtaining a foothold composing for media can feel murky, but I'm elated to have met and studied with Oscar. Discussing and observing his approach to both composing and mixing has given me much more clarity in my own work and personal studies"

Chandler S - Games Composer


"I’m so glad I was able to spend these last few weeks studying under Oscar because I learned so much! I was hesitant towards the ambitious idea of writing my first large sonata, but Oscar was able to structure our weeks so that I made much more progress than I thought I was capable of! His use of goals for each session made sure that I always had a direction within my compositional process and always felt inspired to keep going. He encouraged both the creativity needed for such a challenge while also stressing the importance of structure and coherence. By developing my understanding of form, Oscar gave me the ability to take a small sketch and expand it into large cohesive whole.

Through Oscar’s own compositional experience, he was able to give me advice on how to revitalize my writing flow when I felt stuck. Through his background in choral works, he gave me an understanding on how each voice within my writing should have direction, purpose, and continuity. Through his familiarity with the classical repertoire, he gave examples of effects utilized in works by the great composers that could act as inspiration towards my own effects that were eluding me. Repertoire was also used to explain concepts to me such as smooth voice leading, the nuances of sonata form, and the compelling structure of individual themes. Oscar knows how music can be a great teacher in and of itself haha!

By focusing on larger concepts and inspirational points, Oscar could always encourage my own individual voice. He was able to evaluate what I had written and identify compositional errors I hadn’t intended that, once rewritten, made my piece more consistent with itself as well as with the classical sonata legacy that I was following. By the end of our time together, I was not only satisfied with my first large-scale piece, but I was also more confident with my own compositional voice! With this being my first significant step into the compositional world, I can’t thank Oscar enough for everything he was able to teach me!" 

Logan B - Composer


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