Three different composers, three different styles, amazing results...


These students all came from different backgrounds, at different stages in their musical career, and wanted to write music in different styles.

Below, you can hear some of the music they wrote during the program, and read about their experience. You will notice that each student was encouraged to follow their own independent voice.

Johannes wanted to write beautiful, accessible classical music for piano. During his month with the program, he managed to write an entire album of music. 
Johannes (Akmigone)
Rain Kiss
Fran decided to go 'meta' with his music, and wrote a comical, musical theatre style song about the struggles Creative Phase itself. The lyrics of this song may feel very relatable to some developing composers! For fun, we turned it into a music video...
Glenn wanted to write music for his brass quintet. Using the process in this program, he was able to come up with some catchy tunes, and an extremely clear structure. NB the performance is by a MIDI orchestra.
Glenn Miller
Starting Points
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