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14 Pieces - Full Course



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Here's a quick summary of everything you'll get with 14 Pieces:

How to Listen

This section will teach you how to listen actively, how to actually feel what the music is expressing, how to follow the music clearly, and how to find great recordings to help you in your journey.

- The 14 Pieces

Here, we’ll go in depth, looking at 14 masterpieces of Classical Music. But we’ll not only be discovering music… we’ll be learning core principles which can be applied to nearly all of Classical Music.

- Becoming a Better Musician

In this bonus section, I show you actions you can take, at whatever stage in your journey, to become a better musician – even if you’re a complete beginner.


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What People Are Saying:

This course has changed how I listen to classical music. The transformative quality of these videos are unmatched. Thank you so much Oscar.

Umar Javed

I always liked giving all music genres a chance, but when It came to classical music, I never knew where to start and I was overwhelmed by all the different terms, eras and composers. 14 pieces was the game-changer for me. It resolved all my confusion as a beginner and introduced me to composers, many of whom are still my favourite today. I've been listening to classical music since then, and there is no turning back..

Sophia O'Neill

If classical music was like fine wine, 14 Pieces is like a wine tasting guided by our musically-inclined sommelier, Oscar! Each composer's masterpiece is deliciously intriguing and enjoyably complex, and your explanation of the musical techniques and history add another layer of depth in appreciating the work. This is one occasion where I'm allowing myself to get drunk (on music, of course!).

Gloria Pak

14 pieces was a serendipitous encounter that opened my ears and mind to classical music. The structured approach allowed me to familiarize with new ideas and kindled a newfound interest in the classics. I now go back to the 14 pieces regularly, they always feel fresh and my relationship with them is ever evolving

Robert Margelli

I was new to classical music and 14 Pieces really took my enjoyment to another level.

James Geddes

A couple of months ago I decided it is time in my life to try to listen to classical music. And then I hit 14 Pieces.....It was JUST what I needed.

Chris van den Berge