Hi, I'm Oscar Osicki

Composer, Conductor, Creator of Inside the Score

It's my mission to strengthen your understanding and appreciation of music - to help you become better composers, better performers, and better listeners. I want to spread a love for Western Art Music as far as possible, and teach you the skills and techniques necessary to become stronger musicians.

I'm the creator of 'Inside the Score', a music-loving community with thousands of dedicated members.

Nowadays, I'm a composer, conductor, singer, and all-round music lover. I've had the opportunity to study music at some incredible places, including Cambridge and Yale Universities; I've performed with some world-class ensembles, conducted orchestras and choirs across Britain and the USA, and I've had my own music featured in short films, adverts, and theatre productions. 


But the thing is, I didn't always "get it"...

I wasn’t given much of an early music education. I didn’t have that childhood “musical background”. None of my family are musicians - in fact, most of them can’t even sing Happy Birthday in tune. 

But for whatever reason, I had the musical ‘bug’ – I loved music since infancy. In fact, my mother has video tapes of me singing before I could even talk... 

Since childhood, I wanted to be a composer, a performer, and an all-round musician, but I had no idea how to go about learning it all - there was no clear path for me.

Even as a teenager, I found music theory intimidating. I knew I wanted to compose, but had no idea how to move forwards, how to learn, how to become better.

In fact, to be completely honest, at that age I thought that most classical music was boring – I just didn’t get it, and presumed that it was all for a different age group.


It’s crazy to think that just a few years later I’d be composing regularly, and I'd be teaching people just how emotionally impactful and life-changing it could be; that I’d be training thousands to become better musicians, better composers, and better listeners.

So, here's how I did it... 

How one fateful argument changed my life... 

As a teenager, I was a bit of a "lost soul". To top that off, I had, to put it mildly, a lot of "excess creative energy". Before I discovered music, this led me to pull a lot of pranks at school - more than I can count. Eventually, of course, I would get caught, and it actually led me into a lot of trouble. I was suspended multiple times, and at one point almost expelled.

Now I'm not proud of that - but I recognise now that I wasn't being "bad on purpose". It was something in me that wanted to push boundaries, to do things differently - I needed a fulfilling creative outlet, and up until that point, pull

All of this changed with one argument...

I still remember it happening. I had a ‘heated debate' with my English teacher over which film composer was better: John Williams, or Alex North?

I don’t remember how exactly the argument ended. But I do remember the outcome – that teacher must have seen a glint in my eye, some unbridled enthusiasm, some untapped passion for music.

Where other teaches saw a 'problem child', he saw potential; instead of chastising me, he realised he could channel my energy into something constructive. 

He saw an opportunity to change the course of my life: to introduce me to the incredible force of true classical music.

Over the next few years, that teacher gave me a never-ending list of symphonies to listen to, books to read, films to watch… He even let me compose music for some of the school plays - an incredible way to learn about the fusion of drama and music, and a great opportunity to start composing for real.  

It was the kind of education that happens ‘outside the classroom’, but sticks with you for a lifetime.


I don’t believe in staying at “Surface Level” – I believe in Going Deep…

When I was first studying music, I got so tired of people “watering down” music education, to make it more accessible to the masses. I wanted the real deal: "Go hard, or go home". 

I believe that the best way to grow as a musician is to push yourself a little beyond your comfort zone, to challenge your boundaries...

I believe in going deeper than the surface level, and striving for extraordinary results.

I believe in cultivating high standards, pushing people beyond their comfort zones, and challenging people's boundaries so that they can grow and become better musicians.

I've been fortunate enough to study at some amazing institutions, and perform with some world-class ensembles. Again, I owe it to my teacher for guiding me in this direction - but these institutions taught me the immense value of striving for excellence, and striving to "go deeper" in my studies.

These are values that I want to pass on to my students, to help them become the best composers and musicians they can be.

And that is what my training programs are about - no fluff, real-deal training that is designed to inspire you towards excellence, and get you real, significant results. 

This teacher inspired me, educated me, and pushed me to achieve more than I ever thought possible - he showed me that excellence was attainable, and worth striving for. These are values that I wanted to pass on to others.

Ultimately, it was his philosophy and love of sharing great music that inspired me to build Inside the Score.

And so, I created a community designed to pass on a deep love and understanding of music to new audiences - and to nurture new composers, performers, and listeners across the globe.  

I wanted to create a connection with others – and show what this music can mean, and how it can enrich and elevate lives... but also to share what I’ve discovered: my experiences, and the ideas, skills, and techniques that will make you an excellent musician. 

I’ve been amazed by the response – as of writing this, my educational YouTube videos have been watched many millions of times, and I’ve seen thousands of people go through my online training programs.

Take Your Musicianship to the Next Level...

I’m no different from you. I wasn’t trained in music as a child, and didn’t truly begin my journey until about 10 years ago.

But by pushing myself and "going deep", I've managed to achieve many things I'm truly proud of in music - and I've had an incredible journey of discovery along the way. I want to help you to do the same.

So if you’d like to learn how you can become a better composer, performer, or even listener, then you can check out my programs below.

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