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Musicality Training Program - Full Program

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Here's a quick summary of everything you'll get with the Musicality Training Program: 

  • The Full Musicality Training Program - ALL the theory, and All the exercises, games, and challenges which TRAIN you to become a better musician. 
  • Thirteen modules that walk you through the learning progression, step by step.
  • Bite-sized theory lessons which you can watch on the go.
  • Complete Exercises in Sight Reading, Ear Training, Transcription, Writing, and more.
  • A step-by-step Getting Started guide to banish overwhelm and help get you in the mindset for action. 
  • Downloadable PDFs which you can print out, to help with your learning. 

Plus These Extra Bonuses If You Sign Up Today: 

  • BONUS: Foundational Conducting - lessons in foundational conducting, for if you ever need to direct or lead an ensemble.
  • BONUS: Foundational Harmony - lessons in basic functional harmony, which will train you to read, write, hear, and understand chord progressions.
  • BONUS: Choral Music Primer - Lessons in studying and singing choral music, plus a full library of world-class choral music for you to study alongside the course.
  • BONUS: Composing Challenges - Each module will be accompanied by composing challenges, for those who want to push their writing skills and creativity to the next level.


Remember: I can show you the door, but you're the one who has to walk through it. These results are real - but they only happen if you decide to take action.


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What People Are Saying About the Musicality Training Program:

Recently I realized I'd been under-developing some pretty essential musical skills. I couldn't read sheet music well. I had to look at every note and think "Which specific note is this?", and then play that note, which is very inefficient. And I also hadn't developed my ears enough. It really hindered me in doing what I love, which is playing guitar, so I thought "I want to get better at this." Within a few weeks of enrolling in the Musicality Course, I went from not being able to do any of that, to being able to read sheet music, play along with it on my instruments, sight-sing it, being able to transcribe music - it really helped me. I really think that this is something that everyone would benefit from doing. These basic skills can help you in any situation. If you're trying to think of something to write, it helps you with translating what you hear in your head onto the paper. It helps you if you're trying to play along with something, because you finally understand what you're playing. I think anyone could benefit from this, and I hope everyone who wants to give it a go will do so and have the same experience as me.

Erik Slingerland

Before this program, I always felt inferior - music was really difficult for me, and I was very unconfident and always felt like not enough. When I found out about the Musicality program, I decided to give it a go. The examples and explanations given were really amazing. They forced me to internalize this knowledge, and to be able to learn practically how to use everything, and apply it to real life work in music. But, for the very exciting part: I recently found out about auditions for the Krakow Philharmonic Youth Choir - I decided to apply, and they took me! It's astonishing that such an amateur as me, without a formal music education, managed to get there. I am sure that this wouldn't have been possible without the Musicality Program. If you're hesitating, please don't hesitate any longer. I am so thankful, and I can now even call myself a true Musician. This course opened a door for me which I had no idea even existed. So I really encourage people to join, because this is a really, really great thing.

Dorota OlewiƄska

Before the program, I would've called myself almost tone deaf - but now I'd say I've got basic relative pitch, and the program gives you tools to develop your pitch further. This also means that when casually listening to music, which was crazy for me, I could actually hear how the music works! I could hear how it functions, and that was really crazy. And also, when I heard stuff, I could easily play it on the piano without looking for the keys and trying to figure it out by trial and error. I could just hear how the music works. Also, my sight singing is so much better. Before the program, I thought it's impossible to look at music and hear it in your head, but throughout the program, I learned how that works, which is also super helpful when you compose, because you don't have to sit at the piano. You can just listen to it in your head and imagine it and write it down. And my rhythm got a lot better - not only my perception of rhythm, but my actual capacity to sing rhythm, for example, while conducting, has improved so significantly. So in general, I'd say the program helped me to better understand the building blocks of music, the structure, the rhythm, the pitches, the way things work together in harmony. Ultimately, Oscar is such a brilliant teacher, that this is not only enjoyable, but you'll learn something, no matter if you're a beginner who can't even read sheet music, or if you're advanced and studying for examinations in university.

Michael Braunmiller

This course worked wonders for me. Thanks to this, I can listen to a song on the radio and figure out the chord progressions, which is something I wouldn't have dreamed of doing before. My rhythmic skills and understanding of rhythm is way better than it used to be, and my sight singing as well - so I'm really happy with it!

Yassine Zerhouni