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Optimize Your Composing Workflow
Develop Your Musical Style and Technique
Develop Small Ideas into Big Pieces
Become More Productive and Inspired
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The FREE Composer Workshop Now Open!
(29 April - 6 May)

It will give you a process to Consistently Compose Music, and teach you to consistently Develop your Style and Technique


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**If you take this workshop and follow through with the action plan, you will have concrete steps for developing your style, and you'll have fully planned out and your next piece of music by the end of the week!  

See What's Included Below... 

Your Lesson Plan...

April 29 - Lesson #1

Optimizing Your Process

April 30 - Lesson #2

Enhancing Creativity

May 1 - Lesson #3

Building a Musical Plan

May 3 - Bonus Lesson

Learning From the Greats

What's Included in the Free Workshop

  • A Full Process for Composing Music, from Start to Finish
  • Workflows of Composers, and How to Optimize Your Workflow
  • How to Consistently Develop Your Style and Technique, No Matter What Level You're At
  • The technique of “modelling”, and why it is KEY to growth as a composer
  • The Creative Phase, and how it can be used to consistently come up with new ideas
  • The Planning Phase, and how to turn your ideas into well-structured, compelling pieces of music
  • How this can apply to your music, whether you write with pencil and paper, or computer and DAW
  • How to Come Up with Creative Ideas on a Time Limit 
  • What Makes Good Musical Structure: How Musical Form is Like a Good Movie
  • Turning Your Plan Into Reality: How To Make Your Ideas into a Full Piece of Music
  • ACTION STEPS for Getting Your Next Piece of Music Started

And so much more beyond that...

N.B. This Workshop is interactive with me personally involved, and will therefore only be available until 6 May. If you want to take part then Sign Up NOW.

 Also, if you can't make the livestreams, you will be able to watch the replays afterwards, until the end of 6 May. 

I look forward to working with you. 

Also - This is an interactive workshop focused on real skills. In order to get the best results, you will need to get involved, and try the exercises out at home.

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Remember – this workshop ends on May 6th, and is only happening once this year, so if you want to take part, then Sign Up Now!

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