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12 Weeks to Master Your Musicianship

A holistic program for mastering your ear-training, sight reading, music theory, and more. Essential training for musicians serious about their practical development.
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Composer's Journey

A 5-Week Practical Composing Course

Learn the art and craft of composing, and develop your unique musical voice. Based on processes used by world-class composers.
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14 Pieces

A 2-Week Music Appreciation Course

Learn how to listen to and follow all kinds of classical music, and discover 14 masterpieces along the way.

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Student Transformations

I realised that I'd been under-developing some pretty essential musical skills... within a few weeks of Musicality, I went from not being able to do much, to being able to read sheet music, play along with it on my instruments, sight-sing it, transcribe it; this really helped me.

Erik Slingerland - Musicality


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I joined The Composer's Journey because I wanted to develop better workflows. Within two weeks, I was completely blown away. Thanks to this program, I wound up writing an entire album of music in just one month!

Johannes (Akmigone) - The Composer's Journey

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Before Musicality, I thought I was almost "tone deaf". Now, I am confident in my relative pitch, my sight singing is so much better, I can play things by ear, and I truly understand the building blocks of music.

Michael Braunmiller - Musicality


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