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It's my mission to strengthen your understanding and appreciation of music - to help you become better composers, better performers, and better listeners. I want to spread a love for Art Music as far as possible, and teach you the skills and techniques necessary to become a stronger musician.

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I'm Oscar Osicki, creator of Inside the Score

Inside the Score is an online community with thousands of members, including composers, performers, and general music-lovers. 

My mission is to help folks like you deepen your appreciation and understanding of music. My material is designed to help you become a better composer, performer, or even listener.

I actually get most excited about the "normal folks" - the people who didn't necessarily come from musical backgrounds, or have access to amazing music education growing up. I love helping folks like you to become the best musician you can be. 


Because the crazy thing is, my own life actually started from a very unmusical background. In fact, at one point I had no direction, I planned to study Physics at university, and I was almost expelled from high school – I had, let’s say, a “lot of energy”, but nowhere to channel it…



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Free Ideas, Tips and Techniques on Composing, Musicianship, and all kinds of Musical Discoveries

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May 20, 2021

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May 18, 2021

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May 16, 2021

Courses and Training Programs

Musicality Training Program

The Musicality Training Program is a proven, intensive training program that takes your core musicianship to the next level. It shows you exactly how to dramatically improve your reading, ear training, and writing, in precise detail. This training program is filled with TONNES of insane exercises, from beginner to advanced, and it shows you what to exactly what to do, every step of the way, to take your sight-reading fluency, ear training, and writing to the next level.

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14 Pieces

This free course takes you through 14 Masterpieces of music. However, this isn’t just about showing you great music… this is about teaching you How to Listen. Each piece is carefully chosen to teach you a core concept of classical music – and once you learn those concepts, you’ll begin seeing them everywhere. Take this course to become a better listener, and enrich your experience with music.



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