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The Musicality Training Program

This is an all-out training program designed to take your musicianship to the next level.

This program is designed to take you through Practical Music Theory, from the core foundations to a very high level.

But most importantly, this program is all about doing, not just ‘learning’. I realised early on that there’s a difference between merely “knowing” something, and actually doing it – the difference between knowing the names of a series of notes, and actually being able to sing them fluently. The difference between reading a theory book, and actually being able to write a piece of music straight from your head, onto the page.

And so, this training program is filled with TONNES of insane exercises, from beginner to advanced, which work on your sight singing fluency, your ear training, your writing, and your theory.

In going through this program, you will have a true, Master’s level training in musicianship, and your sight-reading, aural skills, and writing ability will go through the roof.

Beware: This isn’t for the faint-hearted. This is the real deal. It’s intense. And it gets results.

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14 Pieces 

Where do you start in Classical Music?

I was tired of all these introductions to classical music which focus on “easy listening”, and never go deeper than surface level.

In 14 Pieces, I take you on a two-week journey through fourteen masterpieces of music. However, this isn’t just about showing you great music… this is about teaching you the core principles of How to Listen.

Each piece has been carefully chosen for its musical quality, but also to teach you a key concept of Classical Music.

Once you learn these key concepts, you'll begin to hear them EVERYWHERE.

You’ll learn how to listen “actively”, how to follow expression, how to feel the emotion of the music, how to follow the inner workings of a piece of music, and action steps towards becoming a better musician.

Oh, and best of all… It’s absolutely free!

Join 14 Pieces now, and change the way you listen to music

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