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A Holistic, Step-by-Step Training Program to Master Your Musicianship, from Beginner to Advanced

Ear Training  ·   Relative Pitch  ·  Sight Reading  ·  Theory  ·  Writing

All of these skills and more are included in the training...
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Develop the Key Skills Needed to Become a First-Rate Musician
For Performers, Composers, Conductors, and Teachers...

Do You Struggle with Your Musicianship?

  • Unable to read music to a high level?

  • Unconfident in your ears?

  • Struggle with writing music?

  • Have difficulty processing or making sense of music?

  • Feel like you're "behind the pack"?

  • Losing opportunities that require strong musicianship skills?

Due to global funding cuts and a general lowering of standards in music education, many people today haven't developed critical musicianship skills.

People find themselves unable to read, write, or mentally process music to a reasonable level.

This can lead to frustration, lack of confidence, and stagnation in your musical progress.

If you're in this boat, then it's probably not your fault. Most people simply haven't been given the opportunity of a first-class music education.

I want to change this.

I care about giving people an outstanding music education, and developing people’s practical music skills to the highest level.

These are essential skills that will change everything about your music-making, and so I believe that everyone deserves the chance to develop them.

The trouble is, because many people aren’t taught these skills, they don’t realise just how much they’re missing.
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Why Does Musicianship Matter?

For performers, sight reading is an essential skill for auditions and fast-paced gigs.
For conductors, having strong ears and reading abilities is a must for running great rehearsals.
For composers, having strong writing skills and a deep knowledge of music theory is of course invaluable.
For teachers, having a solid grounding in key musical skills will give you confidence, authority, and will help you to help others.

But it goes deeper than that. Musicianship is about more than just “theory”. It’s about developing essential, practical skills, and building an extremely strong foundation. 

It’s about developing a solid grounding in your ability to understand and process music, whether you’re reading it, writing it, listening to it, or performing it.

Musicianship feeds into, and enhances every aspect of your music-making. It will literally make you a better musician.

For example…

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How Will Musicianship Skills Help Me?

If you have under-developed musicianship skills, you are significantly limiting your musical potential. You may be dealing with unnecessary struggle, loss of time, and a failure to meet your musical goals.

Fortunately, it is very possible to train your musicianship, and faster than you might think.  

When you begin to train these skills using the right methods, you will see results surprisingly quickly...

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We’ve helped hundreds learn to read and write music, and train their ears to a high level 

From "almost tone deaf" to proficient musicianship. Hear how Michael grew as a musician with the help of this course.

Michael Braunmiller - Germany

Learn about how much Erik developed within a few weeks. "I realised I'd been under-developing some pretty essential musical skills... within a few weeks, I went from not being able to do any of that, to being able to read sheet music, play along with it on my instruments, sight-sing it, transcribe it, and it really helped me."

Erik Slingerland - Netherlands

Hear how this program transformed Dorota's musical confidence, and secured her a place in her dream choir. "I can now call myself a musician".

Dorota Olewińska - Poland


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The Musicality Training Program

A Complete, Step-by-Step Training Program for Your Practical Musicianship, from Beginner to Advanced

The Musicality Training Program is a step-by-step, holistic program that not only teaches, but trains your musicianship, from absolute beginnings to a university standard.

Simply “knowing” theory isn’t enough. It’s through taking action, and actually using what you’ve learned, that you truly develop lasting, profound musicianship skills.

That’s why this program is focused on training through games, exercises and challenges; these provide a more powerful learning experience than simply watching videos or learning abstract concepts.

This program isn’t just theory – it’s been a proven path towards excellent musicianship for hundreds of students.

The methods in this program are extremely effective at training your ear, reading, writing, and your theoretical understanding of music.
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How Does It Work?

The Training Program is organised in 13 modules, ranging from absolute beginnings to an advanced, university level of musicianship.

With each module, the challenge increases gradually, in order to develop your skill level.

The program is designed as a holistic system. It will guide you every step of the way, through a wide variety of different exercises, to make sure that you’re developing your musicianship from every angle.

This holistic process is easy to follow – you simply go through the program, one step at a time, and will be guided in what to do next, every step of the way.

Each section has bite-sized, digestible lessons on music theory. Then, once you’ve learned the theory, you’re immediately thrown into action with a variety of different games, exercises, and challenges to practise what you’ve learned.

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How to Get Started... 

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Watch the Bite-Sized Videos, and Follow Through with the Exercises
You Will Develop Excellent Musicianship Skills
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What Do I Get With the Program?

The Training Program is organised in 13 modules, ranging from absolute beginnings to an advanced, university level of musicianship.

I wanted to provide you with an education that would take you beyond the skills many people have at university.

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Also Included in the Program...

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We want you to be satisfied with this program. Try it out, and if you decide that it's not for you within 30 days of purchase, you can send us an email, and we will give you a 100% refund, no questions asked.


Warning: This Program is not for Everybody

If you are currently “tone deaf”, utterly unmusical, or have absolutely no experience with music at all, then this course probably isn't for you. In those cases, I would suggest finding one-on-one tuition.

 Before Taking this Course, Ask Yourself:

- If someone plays a note on the piano, can you sing or play it back accurately?
- Can you recognise whether one note is higher or lower than another note?
- Can you follow or carry a tune?
- Can you recognise or hear Octaves?
- Are you capable of remembering basic tunes easily? (e.g. your favourite melodies)
- Can you keep in time with a simple beat?
If you struggle with these, then this course may not be for you.
This program is designed to take sight reading, ear training, and writing to a university level, and so is not appropriate for people who struggle with the absolute basics of musicianship...
However, if you already appreciate, enjoy, and maybe practise a bit of music, but now want to train your skills to a high level, then this program will almost definitely be an excellent fit.

Don't Hold Yourself Back - Become a Musical Leader

Remember, if you want to become a confident musician, you have to take your training seriously.  

ou have to build your musicianship. You need some kind of structured action; a tried and tested approach which will truly get you there.

Many people spend thousands of dollars, and untold hours on their music education, yet they never develop these fundamental skills. This program will provide you with an education that will take you beyond the musicianship standards most people have at university.

If you’re ready to transform your musicianship, and develop excellent ear, sight-reading, and writing skills, then your next step is to click the button below, and get registered for this training program.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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