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- Learn to Sight Sing Fluently
- Develop Your Musical Ear
- Write Music Straight From Your Head Onto the Page
- Hear Music Simply By Looking At It


This is a Course that takes you through Practical Music Theory, from the Foundations to a High Level...

A Training Program that will radically tansform the foundations of your musicianship...


Do you want to take part in this training program? 

  • Sight Reading Fluency: 13 Modules

  • Intensive Ear Training: 13 Modules

  • Transcription and Audiation: 13 Modules

  • Practical Music Theory: From Foundations to Advanced

  • Plus Conducting, Real-World Musical Examples, and More...


This may be the highest level training of musicianship currently available online, where the focus is on learning by doing, and where you consistently use what you've learned in real-world exercises.



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