Musicality Training Program Case Studies

If you're wondering whether the Musicality Training Program is right for you, here are some case studies that will tell you what is possible when you decide to take action.

These are real people who are just like you - and they all started with radically different levels of experience.

Some have been training in music for years, and others are quite new to formal training. Some are young students, and some are retired.

But they've all got some great stories to tell about what the Musicality Training Program did for them. 


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From "almost tone deaf" to proficient musicianship. Hear about how Michael grew as a musician with the help of this course.

Michael Braunmiller - Germany


Learn about how much Erik developed within a few weeks!
"I realised that I'd been under-developing some pretty essential musical skills... within a few weeks, I went from not being able to do any of that, to being able to read sheet music, play along with it on my instruments, sight-sing it, transcribe it, and it really helped me."

 Erik Slingerland - Netherlands


Hear how this program transformed Dorota's musical confidence, and secured her a place in her dream choir. "I can now call myself a Musician". 

Dorota Olewińska - Poland


From being unable to hear music in his head, to being able to figure out chord progressions from the radio (plus better rhythm and sight reading!). 

Yassine Zerhouni - France


"Once I started this course, after the first module I already felt that this was something real... This actually does it. It was beyond my comfort zone, but I pushed myself to do it, and I've since seen tremendous results."

Tyron Kornelsen - Canada


"At first I found this a good refresher. But I soon realised I was learning far more than expected...". Hear about how this program gave Brian a rock-solid framework for understanding music. 

Brian Collins - United Kingdom

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